Leading themes and topics

The conference will bring together a diverse group of experts to explore the current state and future of intellectual property, innovation, and technology. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and presentations that touch on a range of issues related to these subjects, including the interfaces between IP and data; the role of IP in shaping sustainable innovation systems; IP, diversity and inclusion; the impact of new technologies in IP law; IP costs and benefits; the interfaces between IP, innovation and regulatory systems.

We invite papers on the following leading themes and topics, in all fields of IP.


Please note that this is just an exemplificative list. Papers on other topics will be also admitted to the review process and potentially accepted to the conference.

Interfaces between IP and data: challenges for regulatory and innovation systems

  • IP and the new data legislation
  • Impact of data and new technologies on IP law, the economics of IP and IP management
  • IP systems as actors shaping the new data economy and digital markets
  • Impact of IP on data and AI innovation
  • Tension between free flow of data, data sharing and IP exclusivity: access to data versus protection of data
  • Potentials of data in fostering the role of IP for creativity and innovation
  • Patent and copyright data infrastructures: opportunities and challenges

IP, diversity and inclusion

  • Disability within IP
  • IP and access to culture and science
  • IP and non-discrimination
  • Cultural/creative diversity and IP
  • Gender gap in IP and innovation
  • IP, races and minorities
  • Extending or limiting IP exemptions?

IP and sustainability

  • Sustainable Development Goals and IP
  • IP and green innovation
  • IP and the circular economy
  • IP and sustainable business models
  • IP and sharing models
  • Future sustainable IP and innovation systems
  • IP, innovation and future health policies

Interfaces between IP, innovation and regulatory systems

  • Relevance of IPRs in the practice of regulatory agencies
  • IP law as a regulatory system
  • IP quality, safety and standardization
  • The changing litigation landscape in Europe
  • The role of IP offices in IP and innovation ecosystems
  • The economic value of IPRs
  • Strategic management of IP
  • Markets for technologies
  • IP for SMEs

IP costs and benefits: time for revolutionary changes?

  • IP overprotection and overlaps
  • IP as an incentive or disincentive for innovation?
  • Open innovation
  • IP and human rights
  • Innovation and Creativity without IP
  • IP and global inequality

IP and new technologies

  • IP and the digital reform in the EU
  • The interplay between platform regulation and IP
  • Business models and IP strategies for digital business
  • Copyright management in the digital society
  • IP in the metaverse
  • Virtual markets and IP infringement and enforcement
  • The changing world - new (or no) space for IP?
  • Rethinking IP law for new technologies
  • Human-centric or machine-centric IP system?
  • Virtual markets and IP infringement and enforcement